Who We Are

The African Urban Institute is an independent organisation that conducts research on urban development in Africa.

Our Mission

Since it was founded, in 2016, the African Urban Institute seeks to promote cities across Africa to be more sustainable, prosperous and inclusive. The Institute achieve this through in-depth research, technical advisory, and capacity building.

The African Urban Institute work with various urban development actors across the four regions of Africa. These include, towns and cities authorities, government departments and agencies, the private sector and civil society organisations in transforming cities across Africa.

What We Stand For


We believe in the long-term sustainability of cities across Africa for them to serve the current and future generations effectively.


We believe, to serve their purpose as hubs for generating better livelihoods, African cities should be prosperous.


We believe, for cities to serve every member of the society they need to be inclusive of every requirements of various groups of the society.

Our Centres

Centre for Housing Policy

The Centre for Housing Policy seek to interogate the pressing and critical housing challenges and offer comprehensive, holistic solutions.

Centre for Urban Economy

The Centre for Urban Economy explores all sectors of the urban economy from small informal sectors to large corporate sector in transforming urban economies.

Centre for Urban Mobility

The Centre for Urban Mobility explores the urban transport issues in cities across Africa, developing vibrant solutions that work for the African region.

Centre for Urban Governance

The Centre for Urban Governance explores challenges of governing cities and devise solutions to improve the governance of cities on a rapidly urbanizing continent.

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