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How the Russia-Ukraine War Impact African Cities

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has occurred in a highly polarised world between the West and the East. The polarisation is so much so that even experts cannot agree on...

Southern Urbanism: The (Non) Exceptionality of Urbanism in Africa

Slum, semi-slum, super-slum- to this has come the evolution of cities.Patrick Geddes Africa, ‘the last frontier for development’. In...

8 Lessons for African Cities from the Covid-19 Pandemic

Cities have been the epicentre of the Covid-19 pandemic, hotspots where the coronavirus spread and leading to lockdown...

Why is Planning Academia Losing Relevance in Society?

Cities have increasingly become under spotlight, they are centre stage of critical issues such as climate change, economic...

Transpolitical Cities

In Transpolitical Cities, Archimedes Muzenda explores how cities have evolved. He highlights how the evolution of caitalism from its classical form to the hyperreal form has shaped cities, how the antagonism of socialism has yielded different results and the emerging nature of the hyperreal city in the 21st century.

Dystopia: How The Tyranny of Specialists Fragment African Cities

A revelation of the spatial atrocities committed by specialists in development of African cities.