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Archimedes Muzenda

Archimedes Muzenda is a senior research associate at the African Urban Institute. His research and technical advisory work covers the transformation of cities across Africa focusing on land use planning, urban renewal and municipal reform. His most recent book, Dystopia, discusses the fragmentation caused by specialist approaches to the development of African cities.

Understanding Nairobi’s Traffic Congestion Challenge

Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya is one of the most congested cities in the world. The government of Kenya estimate that $1billion is...

The Tragedy of the Town Planning Profession

Town planning is dead! Long live the transpolitical. 1. Overture The town planning profession has been in crisis perennially. This crisis is driven by various factors dating...

Managing Street Vending in African City Centres

In the first pandemic of the 21st century, COVID-19, cities across the African continent experienced lockdowns as usual trading was put to halt. As...

The Dangers of Rights-Based Housing in African Cities

The rights-based approach of prioritizing housing the furthest behind first has become popular yet the effectiveness of such approach in creating inclusive cities need to be interrogated. Because, as well intentioned as the approach may be, it may create challenges that weaken the housing delivery process and eventually turn cities across Africa into worse off conditions.

What Can African Cities Learn from 19th Century Europe

As Africa is currently facing several urbanization challenges unmatched to those of the cities of the global north, understanding the uniqueness of urbanization in Africa is a topical issue.

Zimbabwe Needs to Rethink its Town Planning

Zimbabwe is turning a new page. We have newly elected councillors. Their new 5-year mandate however is going to be a rough road as...

Is Harare ready for Bus Rapid Transit System?

In January 2017 the then Minister of Local Government Public Works and National Housing took a delegation to Tanzania to draw lessons on the...

UN Urban: The Politics of language in Human Settlements Financing

In the international development, the emergence of new ideas and policy issues as well as scarce funding for development have led to the notion of “transform or perish” among development organisations. UN Habitat is one organisation on the periphery of the UN system facing relevance and funding challenges as urban issues evolve and proliferate in language and scope.

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